Owning a PROOF Pass gives you exclusive access to our private Telegram group, with member-only perks.

The PROOF Pass is your ticket to gaining early-access to the hottest new crypto projects. Learn all about it and register your interest: https://proofplatform.io/pass

Please note: the PROOF Pass supply will be very small in order to keep the value provided as high as possible. As a result, it's essential that you register your interest via the link above. This list will be prioritised on a "first come, first served" basis.

Why does the PROOF Pass exist?

When thinking about the PROOF "customer", we think about it in 3 buckets:

  1. Teams that want to launch a token on PROOF.

  2. Our PROOF community, that buys the $PROOF token and is rewarded when teams launch tokens on PROOF (via our rev share program).

  3. Investors that want to get in early to PROOF launched projects, because they know they can't be hard rugged, therefore can invest with greater confidence.

There's also crossover amongst all 3, and they should all feed into each other. For example, if we have a strong community of investors that want to buy PROOF launched projects, then that'll naturally attract more teams that want to launch on PROOF due to the strong investor community formed around it.

The PROOF Pass caters towards that 3rd bucket. It'll give investors early access to PROOF launched projects via a private community, with member-only perks. For example, you'll be automatically whitelisted for any PROOF launched project, you'll be instantly notified when a token launches via our Stealth launch method + more.

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