🦄The Solution

We set out to solve this problem by building guardrails into the smart contracts themselves, keeping investors safe from all hard rug pulls.

PROOF is a platform that enables anyone to create and launch their own crypto token. The “secret sauce” is in the way our smart contracts are built. We’ve built guardrails into the contract that stops teams from being able to “hard rug” investors. Some examples:

🔒 Liquidity is locked for a minimum of 90 days. 🔒 Liquidity is locked with team.finance when the token is opened for trading, meaning they can’t pull the liquidity for at least 90 days. 🔒 They can only allocate up to 10% of the supply to their “team wallet” (we can increase this, but the team MUST be KYC verified with our partner, Assure DeFi (which, comes completely free as part of our offering btw!). 🔒 There’s no way for them to mint more tokens. 🔒 They can’t raise taxes past a certain threshold (10% for buys, 15% for sells — not including PROOF’s fee). 🔒 They can’t stop sells.

Our contracts are also audited by Solidity Finance, giving investors additional peace of mind that there’s no bugs or vulnerabilities in the contract. For teams, there’s a lot of value provided for zero upfront cost. You can view our pricing model, here. And, if you’re a team looking to launch a token, there’s many benefits to launching it with PROOF: https://proofplatform.io/benefits.

Further reading...

If you'd like to dive deeper into how we keep investors safe from rug pulls, please have a read of the following Medium article: Is PROOF "rug proof"?

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