🥷Stealth Launch

How to Stealth launch your project with PROOF.

What is a Stealth launch?

A stealth launch refers to the release of a new token onto the market with minimal or no prior announcement or promotion.

Here are the pros and cons:


Grow organically: Launching without fanfare enables you to grow your holders organically, as you attract a community of early adopters who are genuinely interested (hopefully!) in the project’s vision and goals.

Level the playing field: Since there is no pre-launch announcement or promotion, everyone has an equal chance to participate at the initial price. This can help prevent early investors or insiders from gaining unfair advantages or manipulating the market.

Move fast: If you’re looking to launch quickly to capitalize on a current trend, a stealth launch enables you to have a token out to the market within minutes.

Mitigate regulatory scrutiny: In some jurisdictions, pre-launch marketing activities may attract regulatory attention or legal complexities. You will need to seek your own legal advice around this.


⛔️ Risk of bots buying up supply: This is the biggest downside to launching with a stealth launch. When you launch, there are bots and snipers that will recognize that your contract is safe to invest in, and they will immediately buy up a lot of the supply and sell it once it has achieved a certain multiple. A lot of people will say that this is “just part of the game” and you shouldn’t worry about it because they get flushed out fairly quickly. Either way, it’s just something that you need to be aware of.

Update: We've now built an "Anti-snipe" feature into our Stealth launch contracts. This feature gives you some protection from bots that buy up your supply at launch. Any buys within your allocated time period (up to 36 seconds) will be blocked from selling. You have the ability to remove a blocked address post-launch.

⛔️ Limited initial exposure: Without pre-launch marketing and promotion, a stealth launch may struggle to gain initial visibility and attract a wide user base. Building awareness and generating interest after your launch becomes more challenging, potentially impacting your project’s growth and adoption.

How to Stealth launch your project with PROOF...

Step 1: Select "Stealth Launch"

When you click "Create your token" from the main PROOF Dashboard, you'll be presented with 2 launch options. Select "Stealth Launch".

Step 2: Project info

Fill in the form, which will be used to create your PROOF landing page. This will be shown on the "Discover projects" page on the PROOF website. Here's an example landing page: https://proofplatform.io/projects/fx1-sports

Step 3: Roadmap

Fill out your roadmap. This will also feature on your PROOF landing page.

Step 4: Token details

  1. Select the chain you would like to launch on. Ethereum is available now, BSC is coming soon and we can support any EVM compatible chain with ease, so if you are wanting something else, please get in touch.

  2. Give your token a name.

  3. Choose a token symbol (E.g. DOGE)

  4. Enter your token's fixed supply

  5. How much of the supply do you want to allocate to the team (will be sent to the "Owner" wallet). You can do up to 10%, but we highly recommend locking them into a vesting schedule with team.finance, to give your community greater confidence. A higher team allocation is possible, but we require you to KYC with Assure DeFi to unlock this feature.

  6. Select a token type:

    a) Self-reflecting — This uses your buy and sell tax to market buy your own token and distribute it out to the holders of your token. E.g. similar to Safemoon. b) Reflection (of another token) — Whenever your token is traded, a reflection (or dividend) of another token of your choice is distributed automatically back to your investors. c) Cause — Create a token where a portion of all trades go into a wallet that is then donated towards a good cause. We’re proud of the positive impact our tokens are having in the world. d) Meme — Want to create the next $SHIB or $DOGE? Meme’s are fun and a big part of crypto culture. If you’ve got an idea, you can go-to-market quickly with PROOF. e) Other — Perhaps your token has a unique concept to it, and doesn’t fall into the meme, cause or reflection based token bucket.

Step 5: Taxes

Depending on the type of token you're launching, you'll have a few tax "types" to choose from. You can specify a different tax amount for both buys and sells, or keep them the same. It's completely up to you. Your total tax cannot exceed 10% for buys, or 15% for sells. This is designed to protect investors.

Step 6: Assign wallets

You can assign unique wallets to collect your taxes into. If you don't enter a different wallet, we'll simply use your "Owner" wallet to collect the taxes.

Step 7: Liquidity

Enter the amount of initial liquidity you would like to add and how long you would like to lock it up for. A minimum of 1 ETH is required, and a minimum of 90 days for the lock. These requirements help us to keep the quality higher and protect investors with a forced lock before your token can be opened for trading.

Step 8: Confirmation

Double check everything is correct, then hit "Continue".

Step 9: Launch

Your token is now ready to launch, but you can launch it whenever you're ready to go. Once ready, click "Launch token" from your Home dashboard.

Click "Proceed to step 2" and you'll then be asked to sign a transaction in MetaMask, which will create your smart contract and add your specified liquidity.

Click "Launch token", and you'll be prompted to sign another MetaMask transaction. This will lock your liquidity and open it up for trading.

Your token is now live and open for trading! 🎉

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