🎟️A Quick Tour

Let's take a quick tour of the PROOF Platform...


The PROOF Platform enables you to create and deploy your own token, with no engineering experience required. Similar to how you would create an ecommerce store using the Shopify platform, you can create and launch a token with PROOF. There are different types of tokens to choose from, and different launch strategies. Let's give you a quick tour...

1. Get started

To get started, you'll need to connect your wallet. This wallet will become the "Owner" of your token once created and deployed.

Get started, here: https://app.proofplatform.io/start

2. Onboarding

Give your project a name and logo.

3. Your dashboard

Once you've completed the onboarding steps, you'll land on your PROOF Dashboard. Rather than go through each individually, let me give you a high level overview of each of the menu items on the left hand side... Home — this is pictured below, and has a number of different states whether you're pre-launch, ready to launch or post-launch. Website builder — Whilst this feature is not ready to go just yet, this'll be a powerful, purpose-built website builder for crypto projects, just like yours. KYC verification — When you launch a token with PROOF, you'll get free KYC with Assure DeFi as part of our zero upfront cost offering. Simply fill out the form on this page and someone from Assure will get in touch with you. Taxes — Once your token is launched, you can adjust your buy and sell taxes from this page instead of doing it via Etherscan.

Venture fund — 3% of every $PROOF trade is added to the PROOF Venture Fund. This fund is controlled by the holders of $PROOF, and exists primarily to allocate resources towards PROOF launched projects, and to attract new projects to launch with PROOF.

Resources — A series of articles written to give teams the knowledge needed to make their launch be as smooth and successful as possible.

4. Create your token

You can create your token ahead of time, so that it's all ready to go come launch day. You'll choose from 2 launch options (pictured below), with more on the way!

You'll proceed through a series of steps to get your token created just the way you want it. You can come back to change any details, at any time, before you launch it.

5. Launch your token

When you're ready to launch, you'll go through a few steps (2 steps for a Stealth launch, 3 steps for a Whitelist launch). This will create your contract, add your whitelist (if launching with a whitelist), add and lock your liquidity, and open it up for trading. The steps are simple and straightforward and you'll be asked to sign a couple of transactions on Metamask.

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